The Story Behind UCLE Oil

By Helena L., co-founder of UCLE Oil

October 8, 2018

Four years ago, my dad was diagnosed with Thymoma-a debilitating condition causing pain with any movement. His Doctor prescribed chemotherapy to control the thymoma side effects including droopy eyes and severe skeletal muscle pains which made him immobile. After three years of chemo, he developed AML-an aggressive type of leukemia. This is a side effect of long-term chemotherapy his doctor disclosed. He was told he only has a few weeks to a few months to live. A friend shared with me the benefits of CBD oil which alleviate the pain level and chemotherapy side effect. However, my dad’s cancer continues to take a toll on his health. Chemotherapy killed all his cell lines including his platelets, so he was required to get a blood transfusion every other day to keep him from bleeding to death. And he would break out in hives and develops a high-grade fever after each transfusion.

Out of desperation to prolong his life, I started to research on medical cannabis. I came across an article on Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) and learned that Rick Simpson successfully cured his cancer using the Cannabis oil he extracted- He shared his story and extraction method at  Further research on the cannabinoid medical properties of Cannabis showed that some of the major medical properties in Marijuana plants are also found in Hemp. Which I believe is a better alternative for patients with no psychoactive components.  I was not able to find any reliable RSO sources. So I started researching my own extraction method using my chemistry background and a lot of prayers. After a period of trial and error, I was able to produce a safe organic Full Spectrum Hemp RSO oil with high contents of the anti-cancer cannabinoids for my dad. Within 3 days of consuming the oil, my dad’s lab results improved tremendously. His platelets are back to a normal level. And he was in remission after 1 month of using the oil. His doctor was amazed by his recovery and believe it was a miracle that he is in remission.

However, my dad’s cancer came back in one year, and the RSO oil continues to help him fight the chemo toxins and give him strength until his last breath. I believe that the toxins from his years of chemotherapy had already done too many damages to his body that RSO was not able to reverse. I truly believe if my dad had the RSO when he first went through chemotherapy 4 years ago, he would still be with me today. In memory of my dad, I decided to start my own brand of RSO and name it UCLE, my dad’s name. Our mission is to help other cancer patients, especially patients who are suffering from the toxins of chemotherapy and pharmaceutical drugs. Our ultimate goal is to have the resource to continue the research on this miracle plant's healing properties. 

 Helena is a licensed California Clinical Lab Scientist.

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